[Texture] 在异乡响起的人生组曲:外劳小说讲座 A Tale of Two Cities: Stories about Migrant Workers in Singapore

多年来,新加坡因国家建设和经济发展急需大量劳动力。 每天,有近156万外劳在岛上国工作。他们远离家乡,暂别亲人,到陌生的异乡寻梦。其中,毎天进出关卡的马国外劳也有28万。异乡人寻梦的心态虽然各异,但是为欲望所驱使,为求过美好的生活大体上是一致的。他们在这里的生活和遭遇,是一系列由无奈、离别、相思、思乡、欢乐、寂寞、苦闷、失落...组成的人生组曲。



Singapore's rapid economic development in the past few decades has necessitated large amounts of labour. Every day, there are close to 1.5 million migrant workers labouring on our shores. They have left their homes and families, and travelled to a foreign land in search of better prospects. Even though their dispositions and stories are different, they are all motivated by a shared desire of securing a brighter future for their families. Their lives and encounters here are stories of helplessness, parting, lovesickness, homesickness, joy, loneliness, depression, and loss.

Two local authors, Lee Chuan Low and Ding Yun, have documented their own experiences with various stories about migrant workers, whose dreams are interwoven with the realities of our society. This panel discussion aims to raise awareness about the lives of migrant workers and encourage other writers to create moving stories about their trials and tribulations.

This panel discussion is jointly organised by The Arts House and the Singapore Literature Society.

This session is conducted in Mandarin.

This programme is a part of Textures 2019, click here for the full festival line-up.

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Sat Mar 9, 2019
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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